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It is 2008 and Jiyoung and I have just had an adult conversion.  We are being mature.  We are ending it.  This will be best for both of us.  It is the big goodbye and I am feeling slightly regretful.  … Continue reading

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He Went to Yonsei

The mood is subdued in the company kitchen on the 12th floor as the minions line up at the premium Italian espresso machine to pull shots of their liquid heroin; the brown muck that allows them to stave off sleep … Continue reading

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The people around me seem to think that I am winning.  When I walk into the office on Monday morning, people stare at me expectantly, waiting for exciting stories about the exciting weekend that I must have had.  People associate … Continue reading

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Situational Ethics: Better Call Saul

Office Update: Last week in the company cafeteria I did as I always do and tried to eat my food without raising my eyes or making eye contact with anyone.  Eye contact apparently being some sort of subtle invitation for … Continue reading

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Box Living Deluxe

Apartment life carries with it a specific type of boredom only noticeable to those who grew up performing an abundance of menial yet enjoyable house-related tasks.  There is no need to wander outside on Sunday morning because there is no … Continue reading

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Late Night Drinks with Other Waegs Part 16: Cosmic Entropy

Itaewon, Wednesday night. American friend Henry has aged 15 years in the span of 5. I think this, but refrain from saying it. Why kick a man when he’s already down? I haven’t seen Henry since last summer. Due to … Continue reading

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The Smell of Fresh Cut Grass

The Kims moved into the house opposite ours and slightly up the street. I believe that the Kims were the only Asian family living on our street. At the garage sale, Mr. Kim expressed interest in some old cabinets and … Continue reading

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I was 12 years old when my grandfather passed away in the summer of ‘96.  Grandpa Jack was not my real grandfather, rather, he was the man my grandmother married after my real grandfather spiraled down a path of cash … Continue reading

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Between Yogurt and Milk

Propelled by caffeine and the type of high that only 5 days on the beach in Thailand during Chuseok can inspire, I shoot through the lobby to the elevator entrance area.  The elevator deposits me onto the 12th floor where … Continue reading

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A Man’s Breakfast

Most people live not for the routine itself, but for the small interruptions that break the monotony of the routine.  The coffee corner hidden between a cheap partition and an antiquated workhorse copy machine serves as a morning beacon of … Continue reading

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