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Life, As Other People Live It

Henry Update (per request) A lazy Saturday afternoon on Itaewon’s golden mile.  I nurse my beer as Henry drinks what appears to be a Honey Butter Selfie-Stick Churro Macaroon Latte from Starbucks.  Why he needs so much sugar and caffeine … Continue reading

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Jake on the Town

Walking down the street in the ‘new’ Itaewon this afternoon.  I observe how the place itself, and the demographic have undergone a near total shift.  The streets are crowded with swarms of local women, who arrive in flocks to stand in … Continue reading

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Expat Caesar Salad

Greetings Jake fans, tranny fans, ceiling fans and aimless,  jaded, drifting expats.  A new year is upon us, though for me, the transition from 2013 to 2014 went off with all the muffled excitement of a firecracker that failed to … Continue reading

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Who Loves You?

Friday afternoon, Itaewon.  I am wearing my pastel blue ostrich leather loafers with matching blue alligator skin belt.  A pair of custom tailored Egyptian cotton dark blue dress pants with a 3/4 inch cuff.  I’m not wearing socks, because only pussies … Continue reading

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You Haven’t Seen Everything

Just Say No Tuesday afternoon, and I’m inside of Itaewon Starbucks reading the latest issue of Forbes magazine.  Since I paid exactly double the cover price for this magazine, I feel compelled to read it from cover to cover.  This … Continue reading

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Itaewon’s Deal Makers

Recently Dave’s ESL Café was abuzz about reports that Korea was going to import 100,000 Malawian laborers.  A short time after, it was discovered to be a case of massive misreporting, but it was entertaining to see how English teachers … Continue reading

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Itaewon and Rules

It is Sunday morning and I’m headed to Itaewon for a Sunday morning beer, as an expat would.  As I pass the Hamilton, a taxi driver (fxxx taxi drivers) decides that he is more important than everyone else, and that … Continue reading

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Who isn’t writing?

I write about Korean encounters and experiences of a personal kind.  I think of it as an overlooked literary genre.  In the online library of foreign authored contemporary Korea-related literature, the number of sub-genres is fairly limited.  If you want … Continue reading

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Itaewon Chronicles Part 1

Saturday morning and the streets of Itaewon are positively filthy. As I make my way down Hooker Hill from where I park my car, I notice a presumably homeless Korean man of about 50 sleeping on a bus stop bench … Continue reading

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Whipped Cream and Twinkies: A Butt Hunt in Itaewon

I recently submitted a personal ad to Groove Magazine (Free foreigner magazine in Seoul), but they rejected it.  I guess I’ll have to post it on Craigslist.  Here is a copy: NIGERIAN WINGMAN WANTED Do you like big white girls?  … Continue reading

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