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It is 2008 and Jiyoung and I have just had an adult conversion.  We are being mature.  We are ending it.  This will be best for both of us.  It is the big goodbye and I am feeling slightly regretful.  … Continue reading

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Jake in the Office

The elevator comes to a stop on the 12th floor and another prosaic day of work begins.  I barely touch elbows to desk when the woman who calls herself the ‘Coordinator’ materializes next to my desk.  From past experience, I … Continue reading

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Best Burger in Seoul?

It is Saturday night and I’m driving around Mokdong in the Avante with two of my consigliere.  I have Madonna’s second album playing at full volume.  The first track, “Material Girl”, was written by Peter Brown, who also includes Michael … Continue reading

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Regression and Life Reflections in the Department Store

I’m sitting on the bench across from the escalators in the Shinsegae department store on a weekday afternoon.  I’m wearing a dark navy, tailored two button suit with notched lapels.  I’m wearing a dark blue tie with subtle, diagonal white … Continue reading

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Who isn’t writing?

I write about Korean encounters and experiences of a personal kind.  I think of it as an overlooked literary genre.  In the online library of foreign authored contemporary Korea-related literature, the number of sub-genres is fairly limited.  If you want … Continue reading

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Korean Expat Mysteries

It’s Monday night and I’m sitting and drinking coffee in Itaewon because I’m bored. Within the realm of Korean expat life, with relation to the income/fun scale, there exists an accelerated law of diminishing returns. That is to say, that … Continue reading

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