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Itaewon and Rules

It is Sunday morning and I’m headed to Itaewon for a Sunday morning beer, as an expat would.  As I pass the Hamilton, a taxi driver (fxxx taxi drivers) decides that he is more important than everyone else, and that … Continue reading

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Lies (You’ve Probably) Told to (Korean) Women in Bars

It’s Saturday night and I’m driving to Itaewon to meet a friend.  As I stop at the red light before the Banpo bridge, a woman in a new silver S-Class Mercedes pulls up next to me.  Her window is down, … Continue reading

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Who isn’t writing?

I write about Korean encounters and experiences of a personal kind.  I think of it as an overlooked literary genre.  In the online library of foreign authored contemporary Korea-related literature, the number of sub-genres is fairly limited.  If you want … Continue reading

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